Bitcoin Getting Attention From NFL Players

It all started when Russel Okung, an American football offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Charges which in turn is a member club of the Conference West division of the National Football league (NFL), tweets that he wanted to get paid in crypto.

This tweet sent Crypto Twitter wild with excitement with more than a thousand retweets and even more likes.

He followed up with another tweet asking how awesome it would be if you see an ESPN headline with an athlete being paid in bitcoin which attracted a response from another NFL player, Matt Barkley that reveals that he has and already is by mining.

This got the attention of Anthony Polpliano, a founding partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, who complimented both players for their awareness of and their interest in the emerging asset class.

Okung’s latest tweet reveals that two other NFL players are already asking him about the burgeoning asset class which he has recently started learning more about by reading books, fooling crypto-related podcast as well as learning about Bitcoin forks.

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