Son Of Chinese Billionaire Made Significant Investment On Blockchain-Based Gaming

Rudy Rong who is widely known as the son of Chinese gaming billionaires is reportedly betting big on blockchain-based gaming.

The founder of Magic-cube, a Los Angeles-based company that uses the Neo Blockchain protocol in creating a platform that will enable fairness and efficiency to the gaming industry.

Rong states that by using blockchain technology, his company is able to offer developers the change to develop quality games while also allowing them to avoid having to deal with the middlemen typically involved with publishing.

By doing so game developers avoids dealing with publishers which often suck up majority of their profits which lessens the ability of game developers to fund development which takes long development cycles.

Another unique feature of Rong’s company is the creation of a decentralized platform that allow game developers to garner funding directly from investors interested in the projects through tokens launched via IGOs.

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