Changes in Ether Reference Rate And Index Points To New Futures Product At CME

There has been word from people who are familiar with the matter that the CME group will soon possibly release an Ether Futures following a change to its reference rate and index tied to the new asset class.

CME is the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace and has been attributed as one of the catalyst during the 2017 Bull Run with it offered to the public bitcoin futures which was a first at an institutional level.

The company has announced last July 5 that it is updating its reference rate and index tied to ether from its own reference rate and ether-USD index to New York-based Paxos’ itBit, to provide data on the two financial tools in conjunction with Bitstamp and Kraken.

The new indexes will be administered by FCA-regulated (Financial Conduct Authority of U.K) Crypto Facilities which has been acquired by American crypto exchange, Kraken.

However it must be noted that CME has not yet officially announce the launch of any Ether futures but its actions recently has titillated the minds of the Eth community for the possibility of having such a financial product that could have the same effect to the prices on ether similarly to what it did to BTC back in 2017.




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