TrustED Will Be Binance Chain’s First ICO

TrustED, an Australian start-up dedicated to bring transparency to academic credential verification will be the first Binance chain-based to launch an ICO.
This comes at time when Binance has recently launched their blockchain network dubbed as Binance Chain which was developed internally.
Scalability is one of the strongest barrier for mass adoption as most blockchain platforms are struggling to address this pressing problem, however with Binance Chain’s 1 second block time the new crypto might be the stepping stone to bring crypto and blockchain to the masses.
Initially, TrustED was poised to utilize the Ethereum blockchain for its application use case  but was  later changed to Binance Chain when the platform was launched.
The project will be among the first tokens to be launched on Binance Chain with Kosta Batzavalis, TrustED CEO, stating that is both an honor and massive stepping stone for their project to be backed by Binance’s  technology.
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