Justin Sun Does It Again Pumps TRX With An Impending Important Announcement

Justin Sun has worked his magic again as he was able to cause a surge of TRX and BTT prices when he revealed on twitter that he will be sharing something huge and amazing in the near future.

While some members of the cryptocurrency community have poked fun on Justin Sun for making announcement of an announcement the market seem to react positively which has cause TRX to surge and BTT to reach at some point reach a new all-time-high.

BTT tokens is currently undergoing a huge airdrops to TRX holders which receive a proportionate reward just for holding TRX, with this in mid the performance of BTT is just amazing as most users would likely sell their tokens as soon as they got them.

The recent tweet could be tied to a recent announcement that Opera with hundreds of millions of users has recently added support to TRX on its built-in cryptocurrency wallet and browser.

Opera is the first mainstream browser to integrate cryptocurrency wallet and years ago was the first one to add a dedicated BitTorrent add-on.

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