Finally, Telegram Open Network Released

The long-awaited $1.7 Billion Blockchain project of Telegram will finally see the day of light as the messaging giant prepares to launch next month.

As part of the preparations, Telegram has released the code for running a blockchain node on the test network portal late Friday enabling the community as well as developers to explore the new distributed ledger technology.

There are around 100 nodes maintained by Telegram on the testnet as well as several more that are maintained by entities controlled by token sales investors.

In addition to releasing the source code for the full node, a lite client was released several months ago and there are indications that the developers of TON will be releasing Public Beta of its developer tools soon.

Telegram is targeted to be released on October 31, 2019, a blockchain designed as a proof-of-stake protocol supporting multiple shards and will be compatible with Ethereum-based software.

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